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Kantanka Mensah Features, Price and Where To Buy.

Are you a car lover or planning of getting a new car or your next car soon? Do you want a locally made car designed to stand the weather conditions in Africa?

Try Kantanka Mensah, one of the most sought after Kantanka models.

In this writeup, we are going to take you through the detailed description, prices, interior design, etc. of the Kantanka Mensah saloon car.

About the Kantanka Mensah.

The Kantanka Mensah is a luxurious saloon car manufactured by the premiere automobile company in Ghana, Kantanka Automobile.

It is the first saloon car produced by the company.


Features of the Mensah Model.

The amazing features of this car is summarized in the table below.

Transmission Automatic
Fuel Type Gasoline
Total seating 4
Drive type Front wheel drive
Engine capacity 2.4cc


Some of the extra features of this car.

Full-automatic air conditioner

Leather seat with African Kente Designs.

Adjustable driver’s seat with lumber support

Xenon headlights

Push to start

In-built radio

Dual airbags

Aluminum alloy rims

USB interface

6-speaker acoustic system

Parking assistance


Price of Kantanka Mensah in Ghana.

According to the company the Mensah is priced at GHS 140,000

Kantanka Mensah Interior.

The interior is designed with the Ghanaian in mind. It has a stunning leather interior with an automatic air conditioner for comfort.

Customized interior options are also available upon request.

kantanka interior

Useful Information.

Kantanka Automobile does the registration of a car purchased. The customer does not have to register a car purchased with his or her own expense

Tax is also included in car purchase

You can specify how you want the interior of your car to be and it will be built exactly for you.

You get a 14 days free maintenance from Kantanka automobile engineers.

Payment options available.

Customers are given the opportunity to pay half of the total cost of the vehicle and the remaining half is spread over one year.

My honest review of the Kantanka Mensah.

The car has amazing exterior and interior design but there are few issues I would like to be address.

  1. The car has no crash test available for customers to see
  2. The car is much expensive for the ordinary Ghanaian. I don’t see the need to buy a Kantanka Mensah for GHS 140,000 whiles I can get a Hyundai Elantra at a similar or cheaper price. If Kantanka is really made for the people of Ghana, we should see the affordability of it. It is our car and we should have a fair share of it.
  3. Is Kantanka an assembler or a manufacturer? Nobody knows. In some stories, they assemble parts to make complete units. In other stories they manufacture their vehicles from scratch.s

I suggest they come out to clarify this.

It is good we all patronize Ghanaian made cars but that does not necessarily mean we should compromise on quality.

Locally made does not mean we should go in for anything. Kantaka should provide a crash test report and clarify other issues to potential customers.

This is very important especially in the automobile industry.

You can leave your opinions in the comment box below. Lets get interactive.


Watch video of the Kantaka Mensah

Contact Kantanka Automobiles

If you are certain to purchase for yourself the Kantanka Mensah or schedule a test drive, contact them now using the details below or visit any of their showrooms in Accra.

Telephone Numbers: 0248307330 / 0242037429

Official website: www.kantankaautomobiles.com

Social media handles.

Twitter: @kantankaAuto


Thanks for visiting Cars Boss. If you want know more about cars, car dealers in Ghana and the prices of used and new cars keep coming back.

Thank you and much love from our amazing team.


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